Electing Competent, Compassionate and Fiscally Conservative leaders is a must for Chesterfield County



I will fulfill the statutory and regulatory requirements of the office of Treasurer while conducting it in a transparent and efficient manner. Transparency is the best way to maintain the public's trust. I served as a charter member of Transparency Virginia (a non-profit advocacy group) focused on bringing greater transparency to the legislative process in Virginia. As the Dale District Planning Commissioner since 2016, I have held community meetings for every single case in the Dale District.


Financial literacy in the 21st century can make a world of difference to many of our neighbors. In our ever growing, complex financial environment, the most vulnerable among us are often the targets of scams and fraudulent individuals. The Treasurer's office, through outreach and advocacy, can promote financial literacy among all citizens.


I pledge to exceed the expectations of Chesterfield County’s citizens by putting best practices into place. My office will provide customer service that is fair, friendly, and reliable.